Simply Crispy Catering began when the what if’s turned into what is.  Our Chopped Champion Food Network nights of cooking with whatever ingredients were in the house, led us to creating the what is.  We soon had our dreams made into a menu of possibilities, created around child like inspirations and evolving taste palettes. Nobody is excluded with our menu and taste collaborations and if so, lets create together.

Thrown into business early on in life with my parents owning a 7-11 in near by River Forest IL, for eleven years. It was here where I would first meet my later mentor Charlie Robinson of Robinson Ribs.  Working for Mr. Robinson gave me the chance to learn first hand everything about the festival way of life in Chicago.  I was lucky enough to work and experience the background of the annual Auto Show, Taste of Chicago, Blues and Jazz fests which became second nature to me. These experiences led me to knowing that I wanted to provide moments where there can be an exchange of love and great food with people for the rest of my life.

Graduated from University of Illinois Chicago. I worked in the professional capacity until I gave myself some much needed time off. I traveled, made friends, ate, became a kid again, ate some more until I found my way onto the Chicago restaurant review tv show Check Please.  I soon found myself having made some amazing connections.  Those very connections helped bring Simply Crispy Catering to life.

From corporate lunches at Pepsi, to lasting memories of Isabelle Jones amazing cancer support and awareness event. We have loved serving and will continue to share that same love with the people of Chicago and the greater surrounding areas.  One smile at a time, one bite at a time.


Phillip Hill Jr.
Simply crispy
Dreaming with our eyes open